Scoping Marcy Brennan Art

Welcome scopers!

My name is Marcy Brennan, mixed media artist.  I probably just met you on Periscope as @MarcyBrennanArt

Perhaps you have been a follower of my blog, website or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram under the same name, Marcy Brennan Art.

However you've arrived here, welcome and I hope we will continue to connect via Periscope!

I will be posting my future scopes here and also on my YouTube channel.  My scopes will be about creating my art in various - oil, acrylic, watercolors and sometimes a bit of paper collage.

As I create scopes, I will share them here and talk about how I'm using them, ideas new scopes, things I've learned and tips for others who are looking to use Pericope.  I will also share people that are miles ahead of me in using Periscope and other "scopers" with interesting content.

So far, the biggest help I've found is from @sociallysorted by Donna Mortiz. Her 21 tips were incredibly helpful.

My first few scopes will be about the creation of a huge 48"x48" painting of my daughter's dog Sully, the fabulous bulldog.  That has such a nice ring to it, I'm giving it it's own hashtag!    I wanted to record my progress of creating this painting for her to see, but thought it would also be fun to share it with the world via Periscope (at least little bits of it) and record the whole process via videos that I will upload to my YouTube channel and share on social media.

If you've been using Periscope for awhile and have any advice, do's, don'ts, etc., I'm all ears.  Please share!

You can see my art at my website, buy my art in prints, tote bags, pillows, etc on my Fine Art America Site, my blog, and small works in my Etsy shop.  You can follow and like me on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.


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