Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pink Azalea by Marcy Brennan

Pink Azalea - Mini Watercolor about 3"x5" on paper - $25

This is a beautiful little pink azalea I pick at my brother's house, brought inside and put into a little glass of water.  My sister-in-law and I love to sit at their kitchen bar in the evenings when I visit them.  I do my watercolors and she does her colored pencils.  This little ink and watercolor sketch was one of the paintings I did that evening.

Pink Azalea

Anasazi - Abstract by Marcy Brennan

Anasazi - 20"x 20" x 3/4" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas - $250

When I finished this painting and stepped back to study it, it really reminded me of the my memories of the cliff dwellings of the ancient Anasazi people in southern Colorado - but colors more of what you would see in a really colorful and cool sunrise there.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paintings for My Nephew by Marcy Brennan

Paintings For My Nephew

I was recently on Long Island for a National Juried show at East End Arts in Riverhead.  I stayed at my nephew's house for the week I was there and in return for he and his wife's hospitality, I got busy painting a few things for their home.  They didn't really have any art on the walls, so hopefully, this will get them going!  His wife is a certified framer at Michael's, so she will have fun picking out frames for all these, I'm sure.  They are all acrylic 11x14 on canvas.  I had quite a fun time doing these paintings for them and I hope they enjoy them.

Blue & Green Abstract

Orange and Blue Abstract

Path near the golf course in their community

A Tiny House in Port Jefferson, a city near where they live

The beautiful garden at the entry to downtown Port Jefferson

A colorful window box in front of a little shop in Port Jefferson

Friday, August 22, 2014

Finished Serengeti Series by Marcy Brennan


Here they are all finished!  They are each 16"x20"x1.5" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas - $350 each

I posted my first few layers in my previous post.  These have a few more layers on them.  I did lots of drips, turning the canvases both vertical and horizontal.  I love how the drips give the surface a quality almost like alligator skin.  I guess they're called crocodiles in Africa!  I found a great sunset photo of the Serengeti plains, and it gave me the color palette for this painting.  The first painting is in the Art Mundo loft show entitled "Serengeti" on display there through Sep 2nd.  It's a wonderful show with a lot of artists represented with really nice and varied works/styles.

Purchase here
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