Saturday, January 24, 2015

Art Mundo's Brush With Nature Day at Adam's Ranch to Plein Air Paint

Art Mundo's Brush With Nature Day at Adam's Ranch to Plein Air Paint

It was a gorgeous and magical day of painting at Bud Adam's ranch with fellow artists today!  Bud is so gracious to allow us to come out and enjoy the beauty of his ranch, the animals and the incredible natural scenery.  By the way, Bud is an accomplished photographer, and the Indian River Magazine features one of his photos on the last page of each edition.  He's known for conservation and good stewardship of his land, and his landscape and wildlife photos attest to that.

I didn't take as much time to take photos this year as I took scads of photos last time I was out, but didn't get much painting done my first time out either.  It's a big area to drive around and scope out. After my first experience, I knew pretty much where I wanted to set up this time and so I got to painting.  But I thought I'd share the photos I did take today because it was just so GORGEOUS!!!

Since I paint in oils, there is always something to tweak and/or clean up before showing them off. Lots of little pieces of gunk stuck to my last painting, so it's going to have to dry so I can clean it off. Once the oil is dry, I then add a coat of Liquin to make the colors pop and give the piece a bit of a sheen.  Then that has to dry before I can scan it for a good photo to post.  So I will share my two finished paintings in a week or so.  For now, here are the photo.

This is the first scene I painted this morning.  Rain was predicted and it came and went before I even started.  This is a huge pasture and ideal for painting.  However, as the morning wore on, the wind picked up and about blew me away.  It was rather exciting, though, to paint some gray, moody skies to add atmosphere to my painting.  After finishing the first painting, I cleaned up, loaded everything into my car and headed to the oak hammock farther in for my second painting.

The sun was out by noon and it was gorgeous, though still windy.  I would have loved to set up and paint here, but there was literally nowhere to park my car to get it off the road.  Since it's a one-lane road, that wasn't happening.  A studio painting is in order for this one!

This is a closeup of horses in the huge pasture where I did my first painting.  I've never painted a horse!  Maybe I will give it a go with these beauties.  :-D

This is actually where the ranch we are allowed into begins.  That's a primitive old cabin, and it has the only bathroom out there.  Beyond that, it's the woods baby!

This is a closeup of the cows in the big pasture I did for my first painting.  They are simply blobs of burnt sienna and orange in the distance in my painting.  I absolutely LOVE the grayed greens and naples yellow in the trees in this photo.  Another painting perhaps!

The one-lane road along the canal - took this on my way back out at the end of the day.

Same one-lane road along the canal on my way out to the oak hammock.  Another nice shot for a studio painting!  I love the contrast of the reddish color bushes in front of the green trees in the scene!

Looking back before the last bend to go out toward the rustic cabin this afternoon.  It was becoming the "golden hour" with long, beautiful shadows.

More horses at play in the pasture of my first painting.  They kind of disappeared once I set up to paint.  Hmmm

Last bend on the way out this afternoon.  Good one for a studio painting.

Another of the last bend on way out.

On the way out the gate to the ranch offices and entrance.  Love the lone palm tree!

Oak Hammock where we were painting in the afternoon.  All the trees protected us from the wind and it was an absolutely lovely couple hours of painting!

Huge old oak in last pasture before going out last gate to ranch office.

Palm thicket - not something I'd try to tackle painting!  But I thought it was interesting.

Canal area off oak hammock where we were painting.  I really wanted to set up and paint out here for my second painting, but it was way too windy, and I'd had enough of that for one day.  ;-)

Brenda,  an artist I met today from Palm City was sitting next to the sulphur pond doing a plein air watercolor.  Her work is amazing, and my friend and I are wanting to set her up to teach a watercolor workshop at Art Mundo.  She teaches 5 acrylics classes a week at the Stuart Art Store.  I decided to put her into my second painting and it turned out great.  Plus she was happy to oblige! She was with her friend Jennifer and the so the four of us linked up, had our lunch and painted away. 

Making the left turn onto the east loop that goes to the oak hammock and tree house.

Another photo of the spot on the canal off the oak hammock.  There's so much color out there!!!

I hope you enjoyed touring Adam's Ranch with me.  Let me know what you think of our Florida habitat.  It's taken me about 20 years since leaving the beauty of the mountains and high desert of New Mexico behind, but I've finally grown to love painting palm trees and the wild beauty of my native Florida!

Friday, January 23, 2015

An Evening of Art Events

Our first stop tonight was at the Vero Beach Art Museum for the Art by the Sea show that is for all members of the Vero Beach Art Club.  The club is actually responsible for the museum's existence.  Lots of folk work hard to put this event together and it was wonderful, crowded as heck, but wonderful!

This is me with my acrylic abstract painting, "Fire Dance."  It was in a GREAT spot!  You could stand back from it a good ways and really get the impact of this large 36" x 36" painting in vibrant reds.  Like all the art in the show, it is for sale and mine is priced at $1200.  We saw a number of sales in the $300-400 range, so that seems to be the sweet spot for pricing to sell.  Something to remember for next year!

After a quick dinner at Panera Bread, hubby and I headed up to Aviation Blvd for the grand opening of Skip and Saskia Fuller's new studio.  I'm in total studio envy!  They will be able to produce HUGE paintings in this giant space!!!  And they're both incredibly talented artists.  They formerly had a studio at Art Mundo, but recently moved to Vero and this location is better suited for them now.  Skip does paintings on wood and Saskia is an amazing painter and jewelry designer.

I got a few candid shots of visitors, mainly Art Mundo folks, so we saw lots of people we know at the event.  They've done a fantastic job with everything, including the lighting.  It was a wonderful studio opening event!

I'm off to plein air paint at Adam's Ranch early tomorrow morning.  Sure hope we get better weather than the rain being predicted.  I'd love to get a couple of oil paintings done this year.  Last year, I only did one little watercolor.  I spent lots of time exploring and taking photos.  I know this year where I want to settle, so I should be able to get set up and started pretty quickly.  I'll share any decent results in my next post. ;-)

Have you been to any art events recently?  If not, it's a nice way to get out on the town and see something new and different.  There are normally snacks and wine available and art events tend to have a fun and upbeat atmosphere.  I encourage you to check out the next art event in your town.  A bonus is you may find a great piece of art for your home or office - something made in America - always a good thing!

Never miss a post:  you can follow me on Bloglovin.  You can download the app to your phone or tablet (it's free).  Go to the search menu and type in Marcy Brennan Art and click "follow."  This is how I follow my favorite blogs - great to settle in with at the end of the day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Blue Sky Morning" Winner of 10"x8" Print

"Blue Skey Morning" - 10"x8" oil on canvas panel - $150 (Original)
Winner receives a free 10"x8" print.  And the winner is:

Mary Mica of Mary Mica Designs

Congratulations Mary!  Please contact me with your mailing address so I can get this print in the mail to you.

I have notecards of this painting and others of my plein air paintings available for $5 each at my studio at Art Mundo, 111 Orange Ave, Suite 306.  Stop in if you're local and pick some up.  They make great gifts too!

To purchase the original and prints of this painting, click here.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

North Island Plein Air Oil Painting by Marcy Brennan

North Island Plein Air Oil Painting - 8"x10" - $150

This is a painting I did from the park by the South Beach bridge of North Hutchinson Island.

Buy original or prints here.
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