Monday, September 24, 2012

Lettuce Lake, Tampa, Florida by Marcy Brennan

Lettuce Lake, Tampa, FL - 5" x 7" oil on canvas panel

This is a view from a small tower set out over the edge of Lettuce Lake, a beautiful state park in north Tamps, FL. I was there visiting my brother for  his birthday in February - we had wonderful, spring-like weather, and the azaleas were out in full force at the park entrance.  I took dozens of photos, but this one scene really spoke to me.  I did this with a palette knife - no brushes, so there's lots of thick, juicy paint on this one.

My sister-in-law home schools their son, and he's been interested in photography for quite a long time.  She brings him here each month to photograph the changes in the lake and foliage.  What a wonderful idea!  Many daily painters I've seen paint the same scene they see from their home or studio each day to capture the changing weather, etc.  I hope they keep it up.  It would make great art for a calendar for 2013.  I would want one for sure!

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