Friday, October 19, 2012

Vintage Dream Camper - Adobe Kitchen by Marcy Brennan

Vintage Dream Camper - Adobe Kitchen - 5" x 7" watercolor on paper - SOLD - BUY A PRINT HERE

This is #5 in my vintage dream camper series.  The shape of this little beauty really reminded me of the shape of adobe style houses, and so I decided to do it up in a New Mexican theme.  I lived in NM int he late 80s/early 90s, and still miss everything about it!  I incorporated many of the things I love about NM into this little treasure:  hollyhocks, sunflowers, chile ristra, hanging garlics, horno oven, hot air balloon, serape curtains, a little mini-ladder (vs steps) up into the camper, and the cowboy's best-loved coking tool - the dutch oven.  And last but certainly not least--the mountains.  They are what I miss the most about NM. ;-)

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