Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Art Shows

I was a busy girl this past weekend.  Friday evening was the "Our Beautiful Waterways" show at Gallery 14 in Vero Beach.  This is me with my abstract painting, Shoreline:

Saturday evening was the Art Mundo Calendart Show at the Navy Seal Museum.  It's Art Mundo's big fundraising event of the year.  Each Calendar artist put two larger paintings in the show.  Here I am with my two, Inlet Sunset and Exuberance:

Below are my twelve abstract paintings (5" x 7" oil on gessoed paper) for the Calendars for Calendart. Art Mundo displayed them rather uniquely, I think.  This display was at Art Mundo in October:

This afternoon was the White show at Harbor Community Bank in St. Lucie West.  Here's my painting, Caramel Latte in that show.  I know I took a picture there on site but can't seem to find it now:

Earlier this month at Art Mundo was the Brush with Nature show.  These are paintings either done on site at various venues this past spring or done later in the studio.  The first one is a large 24 x 24 oil painting of Immokolee I did in the studio and donated to the Realtor Association of St Lucie County.  It was silent auctioned and the owner is now Wally Swords of First International Title Company. The other two are 5" x 7" watercolor on paper.  Immokolee house was done onsite and the anthuriums were done in the studio from photos:

The next photo was also in the Art Mundo Brush with Nature show and was from our trip out to Adam's Ranch.  I had two paintings from that venue at the show but got only one photo. They were both done in the studio on 16 x 20 canvas in oil:

It's been a rather busy and hectic month, but it's really great to get my work out there and seen by the public!

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