Friday, January 23, 2015

An Evening of Art Events

Our first stop tonight was at the Vero Beach Art Museum for the Art by the Sea show that is for all members of the Vero Beach Art Club.  The club is actually responsible for the museum's existence.  Lots of folk work hard to put this event together and it was wonderful, crowded as heck, but wonderful!

This is me with my acrylic abstract painting, "Fire Dance."  It was in a GREAT spot!  You could stand back from it a good ways and really get the impact of this large 36" x 36" painting in vibrant reds.  Like all the art in the show, it is for sale and mine is priced at $1200.  We saw a number of sales in the $300-400 range, so that seems to be the sweet spot for pricing to sell.  Something to remember for next year!

After a quick dinner at Panera Bread, hubby and I headed up to Aviation Blvd for the grand opening of Skip and Saskia Fuller's new studio.  I'm in total studio envy!  They will be able to produce HUGE paintings in this giant space!!!  And they're both incredibly talented artists.  They formerly had a studio at Art Mundo, but recently moved to Vero and this location is better suited for them now.  Skip does paintings on wood and Saskia is an amazing painter and jewelry designer.

I got a few candid shots of visitors, mainly Art Mundo folks, so we saw lots of people we know at the event.  They've done a fantastic job with everything, including the lighting.  It was a wonderful studio opening event!

I'm off to plein air paint at Adam's Ranch early tomorrow morning.  Sure hope we get better weather than the rain being predicted.  I'd love to get a couple of oil paintings done this year.  Last year, I only did one little watercolor.  I spent lots of time exploring and taking photos.  I know this year where I want to settle, so I should be able to get set up and started pretty quickly.  I'll share any decent results in my next post. ;-)

Have you been to any art events recently?  If not, it's a nice way to get out on the town and see something new and different.  There are normally snacks and wine available and art events tend to have a fun and upbeat atmosphere.  I encourage you to check out the next art event in your town.  A bonus is you may find a great piece of art for your home or office - something made in America - always a good thing!

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