Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oil and Cold Wax Class

Goodness, it's been way too long since I've posted!!  I was just in the most wonderful oil and cold wax class this weekend with all the same artists I learned it with initially last year.  We all had such a great time this time! Much more relaxed and less frenzied since we all knew what to expect and have been creating oil and cold wax over the past year.

Here are my 12 completed pieces.  The first four are 8"x8", the second four are 10"x10" and the last four are 12"x12".  Once they have dried, I will buff them out with a clear coat of wax, photograph them and put them for sale on my website.  It was great fun, and I worked all the pieces in a complimentary palette.  I've been working on a 100 artworks challenge for the past few months in watercolor using the three complimentary palettes of red/green, yellow/purple and orange/blue, so that whole idea just spilled over into my oil and cold wax pieces this weekend.  I plan to keep working more oil and cold wax as it's just a different and fun medium to work in.  These are all done on wood panels with 2" deep sides painted black.  They are ready to hang without any hardware.  There is LOTS of texture in each piece, which you may not be able to really see in the photos - but it's there. ;-)

It's quite the messy process!  Here's my work area at the end of two days of class:

I have some beautiful "mono-prints" on newsprint from the subtractive process of the oil and cold wax.  I plan to mount the best ones on card stock, coat with resin and add matting to sell these pieces too.  They will be on either my website or etsy when I finish them.

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