Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Creating" - Oil and Cold Wax by Marcy Brennan

"Creating" - 8" x 6" x 1.5" oil and cold wax on paper mounted to wood cradled panel - $50

This is the first in a series of oil and cold wax on paper.  I'd never used paper for this process before, so these were an experiment for me.  Happily, they all turned out great, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  I used a limited color palette of cobalt blue, lemon yellow and cadmium red deep with of course white.  Red, yellow and blue are the three primary colors from which all colors are derived.  It's amazing the range of colors one can get with just 3 colors and white.  I think this was the most fun part of the process - seeing how far I could take the colors.  It was originally worked on paper and then mounted on a 8"x6" cradled wood panel with 1.5" deep edges painted black.  It is ready to hang without a frame.

Buy original or prints here.

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