Monday, July 28, 2014

Dorian Gray's Parlor by Marcy Brennan

Dorian Gray's Parlor - Acrylic on 20"x16"x1.5" gallery canvas - $150

This is a painting I did for the Art Mundo Loft Gallery Dorian Gray show for July. Dorian Gray was a character in a book by Oscar Wilde.  The gallery was filled with all kinds of great art interpretations of the book.  It is up until Aug 6.  Art Mundo is located at 111 Orange Ave, downtown Fort Pierce.  Stop by to view this really interesting show.

This painting is for sale until only Aug 14th.  If it doesn't sell by then, I will paint over it with an abstract.  So grab while you can at this price if this is your thing!

Buy Original

Buy a print here

These are a few of the paintings in the show:

Saskia Fuller's Acrylic on brown paper titled "Edgar" next to my painting

Charles Blake's painting and local high school cellist at the show's opening earlier this month

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