Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life in Uruguay Show at Art Mundo by Judith Sharpe-Levy

My artist friend, Judith Sharpe-Levy was selected as one of Art Mundo's emerging artists for 2014.  She and I paint together often at Art Mundo and previously attended art classes with Leslie Stokes there.  We now share a studio at Art Mundo.  Judith threw herself into her emerging artists show and painted an incredible series of paintings drawn from her life in Uruguay where she and her husband owned a farm for 8 years.  The work is wonderful in its color harmony and her figural work is amazing.

This is a very large painting of a market in Uruguay

This is a very large painting of a courtyard

These are medium sized paintings of people and horses (on top) and sheep farmers sheering their sheep (on bottom)

These are medium sized paintings of pineapple and pears (on top) and desert cactus (on bottom)

This is a medium sized painting of local dancers in Uruguay

These are two calypso style dancers (on top) and a farmer feed his chickens (on bottom)

For pricing information or to purchase Judith's paintings, email Judith directly here

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