Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rock on for Ryan

Today's post isn't about art, but about family, specifically my grandson, Ryan.

My daughter Stephanie and her husband Joe Duffy have a terrific son (my grandson), Ryan.  He's 17, loves classic rock, video games, and playing the drums. 

He's also been fighting hard for 17 years to live a normal life.  Ryan was born with a rare genetic birth defect MPS II - Hunter's Syndrome (   

Ryan lives with his loving parents in Port St Lucie, FL.  Stephanie works in the restaurant business and Joey is a Martin County Firefighter.  One of the rituals of living with Hunters is weekly infusions of medication via a port in his chest.

On June 4th, during a procedure to surgically implant a new port, Ryan suffered complications that stopped his breathing.  He was revived and remains in ICU at Miami Children's Hospital (  It now looks like it will be a long, tough road for Ryan and his family. 

Stephanie and Joey have taken time off from their jobs and are living at his beside as they wait for Ryan to awaken from his medically induced coma.  In the meantime, bills and expenses are mounting for the Duffy family. 

One of Joey's friends has started a crowd funding site on Go Fund Me in order to help defray the costs of Ryan's care.  Will you please check it out and learn more about Ryan and how you can help?

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