Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Garden Song" - New Acrylic Abstract Series by Marcy Brennan

"Garden Song" Acrylic Abstract Series

8" x 8" x 1.5" gallery wrap canvas

This is an acrylic abstract series in all the colors of spring. It has lots of texture and lively brush strokes.  These would look great in a contemporary home or apartment where a nice pop of color is needed.

The edges are painted black and it is wired and ready to hang. However, they would look wonderful set in black floater frames.

There are a couple of different ways to hang these paintings:
four in a row horizontally
four in a row vertically
two by two

What sort of art do you like?  Representational (an artistic interpretation of something that exists) or abstract (something created that never existed before).  Most people think it's much harder to create a representational work of art and that an abstract is "something my kindergartener could do".  That's because they've never attempted to create an abstract painting!

There's nothing to look at when creating an abstract painting.  It comes totally from inside the artist - it's their thoughts and feelings that come out onto the canvas - not a copy of something they see.  The color harmonies and values (light and dark) must work, the composition must be pleasing and the brushwork or palette knife work and texture or lack thereof must all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle - only there's no picture to refer to while putting it all together.

Does this change your view of abstract art or not?  Let me know your thoughts.
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