Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Morning Mists in Saatchi Art Originals for $1000 and Under Collection

My "Morning Mists" oil and cold wax painting was selected by Saatchi Art's curator, Rebecca Wilson, for the "Originals for $1000 and Under" collection.  My painting is in this 46-piece collection of international artists, and I'm thinking this is a really huge deal for me! There are literally THOUSANDS of pieces of art in this online gallery, and getting found by their top curator is simply amazeballs to me!!!  It's all the way at the bottom of the list, but it's THERE!!! Yay!

I guess you can tell I'm pretty excited.  I've seen posts by Canadian artist, Claire DeJardains, talking about her paintings being selected by Saatchi Art for various collections many times and thought, how cool would it be for my art to make something like this.  I'm still just beyond amazed and happy for the recognition of my work!  Feeling lucky and blessed :-) 
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