Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Souvenirs of Downtown Plein Air Paintout Day One

Today was the first day of Main Street Fort Pierce's "Souvenirs of Downtown" Plein Air Paintout.  We had a fun and busy day.  The morning started out windy and chilly.  My friend Judith, two other artists and I painted the Key Westy style Cobb's Landing restaurant and tiki bar.  I've been wanting to paint this forever.  The photo below was taken inside after framing (never advisable) but it's all I had time to do.  I'd love more time to tweak it as I see lots of things that need fixing/changed, but the rule is they have to be turned in by 4 pm and framed and ready to go.  Ugh!

My second painting was in the tropical little backyard of a sweet little turquoise early 1900's cottage that is home to Palms Health and Wellness.  We went to do the yard, but I was so taken by the cottage, I was drawn to paint it instead.  Here's me holding my painting in the tropical setting:

Here's a close-up of the painting:

Tomorrow and Friday will bring more paintings of the charming little old homes in Edgartown on North 2nd Street and perhaps more of downtown.  We are operating on whim and inspiration.  ;-)

There will be artists receptions Thursday and Friday evenings from 5-8 pm at the Backus House, corner Backus and 2nd St, just north of downtown Fort Pierce.  There are 37 artists out painting over this 3-day period and there is some fabulous art - and it's all FOR SALE!!!  My pieces are all priced at $150, they are 8" x 10" oils on canvas panels and framed in gold-leafed plein air frames - ready to hang on your walls.
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