Thursday, April 17, 2014

Souvenirs of Downtown Day Two

Day two turned out pretty nice, especially since there was a 60% chance of rain predicted for this afternoon!  The sun actually came out.  Got a tiny bit of rain this morning, but we continued painting and it went away.  My friend Judith and I painted Colleen Becht's little Love Shack on N. 2nd St this morning - well a vignette of one of her bougainvillas.  Here's my 8 x 10 oil on canvas panel of it:

Here is my friend Judith Sharpe Levy's 12 x12 acrylic on canvas rendition of it:

This afternoon, Judith went to Art Mundo and finished this painting and the two she started yesterday and got hers framed.  I went a bit farther north on 2nd Street and painted a section of the O'Connell house:

Here's a reference photo of the house - I struggled with all the angles, but I sure love turquoise and pink, so this house called to me.  Just as I finished, I notice a little bird perched on top of the chimney and so I painted it in as a final touch.

I had no time to add the palms and other greenery - this little sucker took me 3 hours to do.  Then I did something I've never done before -- I sat on the sidewalk and framed both paintings -- awkward, but it's required as we have to turn our paintings in at 4:00 so they can be hung.  But the weather was perfect and it was peaceful sitting on the road behind my car facing this cute house and painting all afternoon.

Here are Judith's two that she did yesterday.  I LOVE her style and use of color - so free and painterly - oh to paint like this!!!  The first painting is of Cobb's Landing Restaurant and the second painting is of Palms Health and Wellness backyard. 

There was a wonderful artist's reception from 5-8 pm tonight at the Backus Hosue with music, drinks and great food.  If you didn't make it tonight, be sure to come out tomorrow night, same time.  It's a real treat, and tomorrow will bring lots more wonderful art.  A number of pieces sold tonight - my friend Lori McNamara's painting she did today sold.  Judith and I are looking to paint something close-up at the PP Cobb building - something with the colorful flower boxes included - some sort of vignette, not the whole building.  Signing off for now - pretty worn out - but in a good way.  ;-)
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