Saturday, April 19, 2014

Souvenirs of Downtown Day 3

Day three started with rain, clearing, rain, clearing, wind, windy-er, then sunshine.  It was a crazy weather day.  Most of the morning, I spent as much time moving my chair and all my painting stuff back and forth from the sidewalk to the porch of the PP Cobb building for shelter.  But it finally cleared and I was able to get one painting done by 3 pm. 
My friend, Judith and I went to Art Mundo and framed our pieces and turned them in by 3:30.  There was a good crowd last night and in total 30 pieces of art sold.  Rather disappointing, when there were 37 artists doing 1-2 paintings per day over three days.  There was some phenomenal art created this week!  The paintings will be at the Backus House through May 7th, so if you didn't make it there this week, there's still time to stop in and see and/or purchase the work.
I was so impressed by the number of people eating at the little general store in the PP Cobb building that I took my husband there today for lunch.  The food is wonderful!!!
Here's my pieces of potted plants, appropriately titled "Potted" and my friend Judith's piece - don't know what she ended up calling it.

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